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A Street Cat Named Bob


A Street Cat Named Bob Review

A Street Cat Named Bob Review

a street cat-When James Bowen met Bob the cat he was a down on his luck drug addict who found himself homeless living on the dangerous streets of inner city London. James’s only form of income came from busking on the streets with his only possession in the world which was his guitar. Things were going from bad to worse for James at this stage of his life and he was surely heading for a premature death if it wasn’t for the intervention of his support worker who got him off the streets and into his own accommodation on the promise that he would go clean from drugs and try to get his life back on track. It is from here where the story begins its feel good factor and things quickly change for James when an injured ginger cat wonders into his life and changes it forever.

a street cat-This Movie is of course from James Bowen’s own best-selling book of the same name. I have not read the book so I cannot judge how well it has been converted from pages to the big screen. Although I’m sure the friendship and bond between James & Bob was portrayed in a stronger way in the book. The movie seems to have only been successful in portraying bob as a novelty busking act that attached attention when they played together. Yes James did give the vet his week’s food money when Bob was injured and Bob was definitely there with some sympathetic purring when James was recovering from going cold turkey. But still left the back story a little shy for me.

Overall it’s a nice movie with a nice story that will have you smiling as James does seem like a genuinely nice guy who deserved a break in life.
Rating 2.5/5

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