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Office Christmas Party


Office Christmas Party Review

Office Christmas Party

The second of this year’s big Christmas comedies brings us Office Christmas Party. This American comedy is based on a story by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and directed by Josh Gordon & Will Speck who have previously brought us Blades of Glory. In Office Christmas party the directors reunite Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston who were also the stars of the filmmakers’ second outing, The Switch.

Office Christmas PartyThe Movie’s storyline revolves around a computer server company called Zenotek which is based in Chicago. The staff have been planning there office Christmas party or a non-denominational holiday mixer as they are so politically correctly putting it in the movie. This all changes when the new CEO of the company Carol (Jennifer Aniston) arrives and cancels the party before informing her brother and branch manager Clay played by T. J. Miller that the branch is preforming poorly and job losses and possible closure are likely.

The only hope to save the company from closure is to land a major contract as soon as possible. Clay’s childish like behaviour and lack of maturity makes him a huge favourite to fail on this quest. That is of course unless the plan involves throwing the craziest, wildest Christmas party ever in an effort to impress a wealthy business man will a multi-million dollar contract.

Office Christmas Party

Potentially this movie could have been a really funny enjoyable watch but for me it failed to delivery on the comedy aspect as there was far too few laugh out loud moments. The plot itself may not have helped this as it may have been slightly more complicated then what was necessary for this type of Movie.

Office Christmas Party will not go down on the Christmas classic movies list for sure as it’s not really a proper Christmas movie but still worth a watch.

Rating 2.5/5  

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